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Bewerbt euch!
Wed, 15 Nov 2017

Hallo zusammen!

Die Bewerbungen sind eröffnet und laufen noch 2 Wochen bis zum 30. November. Dafür könnt ihr euch   hier bewerben.

Für weitere Fragen lest euch alles unter Outgoing -> Bewerbungsverfahren durch oder schreibt uns einfach.


IAESTE Bochum Team


Wir sind umgezogen!!!
Fri, 6 Oct 2017

IAESTE Bochum ist umgezogen. Falls ihr Fragen oder Wünsche habt, oder einfach nur mitmachen wollt, kommt vorbei jeden Mittwoch um 18 Uhr in der Universitätsstr. 105 zwischen Waldring und Oskar-Hoffmann-Straße.

Wir freuen uns auf euch.

Wed, 8 Jun 2016

Bürozeit: mittwochs 17-18 Uhr

Unsere Meetings sind jeden Mittwoch um 18 Uhr.

Wenn ihr zu unserem Meeting kommen möchtet, meldet euch vorher kurz per Mail, da diese nicht immer im Büro stattfinden! :)


Join us

You feel like:

  • creating international contacs
  • a change to the every day studying
  • practicing foreign languages
  • having lots of fun

then just join us!!!

The international trainees coming to Bochum are taken care of by the Local Committee Bochum We search apartments, organize trips and arrange all kinds of spare time activities. That can be a barbecue in the Westpark, a kayak on our "Ruhr", a trip to Amsterdam or an international cooking evening.

We get together every Wednesday at 6 pm at Lennershofstr. 21 (Map).

10 good reasons to join IAESTE:

  1. Change to the study routines

    You have had enough of the boring theory of the studies and need a little bit of change? Within our Local Committee you can untertake diverse tasks, according to your preferences: organize trips and apartments, plan projects and carry them out, advise other students and arrange internhips,

  2. Visits abroad

    You are at the source to a good internship abroad and plenty of fun on international meetings worldwide practical international experience with a high fun factor in more than 80 countries worldwide!

  3. International contacts

    IAESTE a worldwide network. With IAESTE you will communicate with students from all over the world. To exchange experiences, to organize mutual projects or to take care of long-term friendships.

  4. Social competence (soft skills)

    All companies require them, many students however do not have so much to start with. With us you will invest in your future through the responsible handling of your tasks in the Local Committee it is possible to learn it: to represent ideas to others, to discuss, to negotiate with the company representatives and much more!

  5. Teamwork

    Many heads have many good ideas. In a team we will decide together, which way is the best one... Team work is extremely important, both with us and also later in professional life. You can practise your ability to work in a team with us.

  6. Active usage of foreign languages

    You feel that your foreign language skills have decreased since school times? Or you speak an exotic language? With IAESTE you will have contacts with trainees from all over the world: Japan, Brazil, England, Finland... nearly everyone speaks English. An ideal opportunity to use a foreign language regularly and to improve your own skills. You will learn quickly new words at first hand or teach the trainees to get along in German.

  7. Being creative

    You are gifted in writing, drawing, speaking? But in your studies you feel unchallenged... Or you cannot find the right things to do? Approach us we can always use creative minds: for our articles, for the advertisement, for the graphics and layout...

  8. Taking responsibility

    For us responsibility is not a strange word. We accept assignments that require a higher sense of responsibility the appreciation and the contentment of our trainees show us that this effort pays off.

  9. A world of new acquaintances

    The worldwide network of IAESTE always cares for international friendships. And through our projects, we will always meet again somewhere...

  10. It is simply FUN.

IAESTE it stands for commitment from students for students in a sociable team atmosphere. Anyone who wants to work with us is warmly welcome from every field of study. All the assignments in the Local Commitee can be done alongside the studies without any problems and they will give you the much needed change to your studies.

The collaboration with us in the Local Committee does not involve any obligations, we only appreciate reliability and sense of responsibility. If you are interested in an international internship experience and would like to expand your abilities, and/or like to work in a team just drop by at our office or write us an

Therefore: get involved... with IAESTE LC Bochum!

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