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Bewerbt euch!
Wed, 15 Nov 2017

Hallo zusammen!

Die Bewerbungen sind eröffnet und laufen noch 2 Wochen bis zum 30. November. Dafür könnt ihr euch   hier bewerben.

Für weitere Fragen lest euch alles unter Outgoing -> Bewerbungsverfahren durch oder schreibt uns einfach.


IAESTE Bochum Team


Wir sind umgezogen!!!
Fri, 6 Oct 2017

IAESTE Bochum ist umgezogen. Falls ihr Fragen oder Wünsche habt, oder einfach nur mitmachen wollt, kommt vorbei jeden Mittwoch um 18 Uhr in der Universitätsstr. 105 zwischen Waldring und Oskar-Hoffmann-Straße.

Wir freuen uns auf euch.

Wed, 8 Jun 2016

Bürozeit: mittwochs 17-18 Uhr

Unsere Meetings sind jeden Mittwoch um 18 Uhr.

Wenn ihr zu unserem Meeting kommen möchtet, meldet euch vorher kurz per Mail, da diese nicht immer im Büro stattfinden! :)



Many facts speak in favour of the participation in the IAESTE program:

  • You will receive an additional employee, whose qualifications and length of stay you will determine. IAESTE places only students that have completed their basic studies; these trainees are therefore advanced in their studies and have fundamental knowledge that often has been strenghened in previous internships in their own country. IAESTE presents you a suitable candidate you have the last word!

  • The trainees have very good foreign language skills they speak, among others, fluent English for a regular assistance. Your current employees have a new, interesting discussion partner.

  • You will later have helpful contact persons abroad, who have experienced Germany. Your trainees may be your future business partners.

  • You will actively contribute to the international understanding among nations. Germany's image is characterized by the Second World War and the media reports about new hostility towards foreigners. A trainee that has experienced Germany can confront this experiences with the media reports in their own countries.

  • You will also make it possible for German students to gain international work experience. For every internship placement offered by you we will in return receive a corresponding offer for German students from our partners abroad.

  • The employment of a foreign trainee does not cause you any additional organizational expenses. IAESTE takes care of all the necessary formalities, including visa issues, work permit and insurance as well as accommodation and spare time activities.

  • The services of IAESTE are free of charge. Usually the IAESTE trainees are freed from the wages tax and are not subject to social insurance contributions. The health, accident and personal liability insurance of the trainees will be taken care of.

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